Colin Farrell talks about ski lift accidents

Skiing and snowboarding are inherently risky sports – Riding a chairlift to the top of a run shouldn’t be. In that lies the plight of Terri Proctor and her daughter Keely.

In 2010, Keely, 8 years old at the time, sustained catastrophic injuries after falling 32 feet from a ski chairlift at Snow Valley, CA. Keely was hospitalized for weeks, undergoing multiple surgeries to repair and treat severe injuries sustained to internal organs. Fortunately Keely has overcome this tragic incident, and with the help of her mother Terri, she is fighting to see that other snow-sports recreationists are not subjected to a similar fate.
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Bob Roberts Talks about lack of snow

Even if Mother Nature unloads heavy snowfall for the rest of the season, Bob Roberts, director of the California Ski Industry Assn., said the total number of skiers visiting the slopes this season will probably be about 6.2 million, compared with the annual average of 7.5 million over the last five years.

Lack of Snow LA TImes