Honoring Those Who Gave

We are so proud of Keely. She will be the recipient of LifeStream’s First Youth Ambassador of the Year. Her sole motivation is to honor those that saved her.

When first home from the 21 day stay in the hospital she asked, “Why did this happen to me?” She then answered, “Perhaps so that I could save others.”

What to do when waiting for ski season? Donate Blood, Save Lives

After Keely’s ski accident in 2010 we learned about the importance of blood donors. Linked is a Give it Forward and Donate Blood PowerPoint made to encourage and inspire blood donation. Keely presents this to local groups urging their active participation in donating blood.

We are strong advocates for LifeStream, our local blood bank, and thankful to all who take time to save lives.


Yesterday we held a successful blood drive at the kids’ school for LifeStream.  They were responsible for providing the large amount of blood replacement products that saved Keely’s life after her ski accident.  We are forever indebted to them and the donors that contributed in that effort.  It’s because of blood donors I get to do this….

Jody Boryski Photography

Making a Difference!

One of the few contemplative times Keely had about her accident was right when she was released from the hospital.  As she lay in her bed recuperating she looked at me and asked, “Why did this happen?”  I tried to figure out what to say, but before I could respond she answered,” Perhaps it’s so I can save others.”

Since then we’ve been doing our best to help her do just that.  LifeStream assisted greatly by featuring Keely’s story in a documentary.  This gives Keely such happiness to educate others on the importance of blood donation.  When I shared this with friend, Jody Boryski, this was her response:LifeStream.

How Keely started our quest to update ski lift standards is another blog entry… it all began with handwritten letters to politicians including President Barack Obama (as any third-grader would do, right?).