Mammoth Listed in Top Five Ski Resorts For Children

I follow a TwitterFeed called MikeDoyleSki.  He recently listed the best ski resorts for children which I’ll link to here: Skiing.

Our family wholeheartedly supports the listing of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.  Our children have grown up skiing at Mammoth (as well as our local mountains).  The staff is quite cheerful and always goes above and beyond that suggested or asked.  Furthermore, after Keely’s accident Mammoth listened to our concerns and is actively becoming a leader in children’s safety at ski resorts.  You will notice that each and every time a child loads a lift the attentive ski attendant educates and advises on proper sitting, signs are obviously placed for disembarking and safety restraints are readily available on most lifts (to Keely’s delight).

The setting of the trails is majestic and offers a large variety of terrain with varied expertise runs.  This allows for a wonderful ski vacation for the entire family no matter the skill of the individual.

That Mammoth offers safety restraints on most lifts allowed Keely to gain the confidence to get back on the mountain again (it’s not the skiing that gave anxiety but the ride up).  Last winter she was back skiing the top as her favorite run is Cornice Bowl.

We continue our work to seek restraints on all lifts as an industry standard so that skiers have this option to use of their own will.