Retrofitted Ski Lift Restraint Bar

Restraint with Vertical Bars


We were recently at Mammoth Mountain having family fun in the late Spring Ski season.  The kids excitedly used a new ski lift restraint bar in place.  This restraint has vertical bars placed between the legs and is lightweight and easy for the kids to use.

Our desire is that similar chairlift restraints would exist on all lifts at any resort to use or not to use by the patron.  Ask your local mountain operations director why they don’t have similar lift restraints installed.  Communication is the key.  I’ll have another post with bullet points to assist in discussion of the need for restraint bars. (This sentence is silly, isn’t it?  Of course, it’s logical!  But I’ll post about it anyway.)

And if you feel funny calling it a restraint bar, retention bar, safety bar or comfort bar… feel free to call it the K-Bar.  That’s what our family calls it in honor of Keely.