A Thought to Safety as Ski Season Nears

As the ski season approaches my “Mommy worry” kicks in hopeful that no family will have to experience what we did almost five years ago when our then eight-year-old fell 32 feet off of a chairlift. Because of the accident we are now strong advocates for ski safety and saving lives through blood donation- issues that are dear and near to our hearts.

At this time every year I have posted about ski lift accidents that occurred in prior seasons. This is depressing to me. So instead I will focus on the positive for the upcoming season- increased education of slope safety.

The NSAA‘s “Kids on Lifts” policy is a wonderful start to share with friends and family. I would add no loose clothing, hold on, and use the safety bar (if available). It would be a wonderful thing if the safety bar were always an option to use or not to use per preference of the ski patron- preferably bars designed with both little and big bodies in mind like Mammoth Mountain‘s retrofitted bars.

Have a wonderful ski season! Our family can’t wait. Let it SNOW!

NSAA's Kids on Lifts Poster

NSAA’s Kids on Lifts Poster

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