Compassion & Education

I meant to write earlier about our time at Mammoth‘s National Safety Week Kick-Off.  It was an amazing experience and one that brought tears to our family.  In just a year’s discussion with the California Ski Industry Association we have seen and heard the movement occurring regarding children riding lifts- well, in fact, children on the slopes. Truly those we’ve met in the ski industry think about children, safety and a positive experience.

The California Ski Industry Association and assistance from the NSAA is at the educational forefront with their “Lids on Kids” program and “Kids on Lifts” program.  This “Kids on Lifts” program encourages children to remember:

1. Back to Back

2. Hold On

3. Sit Still

Change is coming… this change through collaboration, discussion & an ability to think outside the box.  Look at the following photos to see for yourself!

Lift Education

Vertical Bar RestraintKnow the Zone

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